How It Works


Begin the Memories

  • You may make your selection of the many quality props included in the experience to enhance your photo.
  • Enter the booth with friends or take your own personal photo.
  • If you choose the backdrop option, just step in front of backdrop, and attendant will let you know when to pose.

The Experience

  • Once everyone is ready, just touch the flat screen monitor and get ready for the experience to start.  You are able to see your group live view on the monitor inside booth.
  • Once you touch the screen you will have a three second countdown to the first picture. There will be another countdown before each subsequent picture is taken so you can strike a different pose for each of your pictures.
  • Not happy with your photos, no worries, you can take as many pictures as you want.
  • Less than a minute after your photo booth session ends, it’s the moment of truth…your prints are ready and you can see how you looked. Meanwhile the next users are already inside the booth having their pictures taken – there is no waiting around or delay between sessions.

The Memories

  • Prints will now be created upon exiting from the booth. Each guest will receive (2) photo stripes. Each picture is printed on professional UV protected photo paper.  If additional prints are needed, just tell the attendants, and they can print an additional (2) strips. The high quality professional photos are printed in the familiar strip format that you and your guests will love.
  • Included you may add a personal message or logo that will be printed on each picture with the Ultimate package.
  • If you have added the scrapbook to the experience, your guests will keep one print, and will paste other print in scrapbook. We will have pens and other scrapbook items guests can customize with the placement of picture.
  • When your Photo the Memories experience has ended, you will receive an USB flash drive, which will have all of the photos taken during the experience by your guests. This is included with the Ultimate package. You will be able to cherish these memories for ever.